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Pilates and Postural Setup

Author- Charlotte Roberts, Tribal Resident Pilates Coach

Pilates and Postural Setup

Three Reasons for practising your postural setup and learning to stabilise through pilates.


1. If you hurt your back, it’s catastrophic for your central nervous system (CNS). If you have experienced these injuries you’ll know, disk herniation or facet joint injury are hugely disruptive to your day-to-day movement.
Your ability to play, run, lift and move quickly is diminished as your body shuts down to protect the injured site. To protect against pain and injury, posture and your ability to stabilise a healthy position is of paramount importance for your training and day-to-day vitality.

2. Your trunk is your chassis, your hips and your shoulders are your engine. For your engine to be functional you must position and stabilise your chassis/trunk appropriately. A poorly positioned trunk will lead to shoulder and hip dysfunction, pain and greater potential for injury whilst your tying your shoe laces, driving long distances or practicing your chosen sport.

3. Do you feel like you have tight hamstrings? Quite often, what feels like a lack of mobility in the back, hips and hamstring is actually an inability to arrange the spine into a good position. By arranging properly with the sequence below you could see hamstring range increase significantly.

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