Triathlon- Where do you start?

By- PAUL ROBERTS OF Tribal MSP & NICHOLAS ROMANOV, Ph.D., developer of The POSE Method®

This article is for complete beginners in the sport of triathlon, but it could also serve well the athletes that have been doing triathlon for a while and would like to improve their results and take their performance to the next level. Wherever you currently stand – this article is your first step towards triathlon success.

The POSE Method is now employed by the current Russian tri team and here are a few star athletes that have implemented the POSE Method in their training with great success over the years: Andrew Johns, Tim Don, Hunter Kemper, Mark Jenkings, Leanda Cave, Jurgen Zack, the list can go on for a while. Would you like to reach the same level of accomplishment as these athletes? Read on…

Before you can get into the actual training, you need to have a clear picture and thorough understanding of the sport that you train for. What is it that propels us to swim, cycle or run and compete in triathlon with greater efficiency?

1. Triathlon is a sport that consists of swimming, cycling and running. Triathlon is one event, not three separate sporting events.

Whether you’re just starting or have been competing in triathlon for some time, more likely than not, you already have a certain image of the sport of triathlon formed in your mind.

The dominating view on Triathlon is one of perceiving it as three separate events that go on one after another. How can you expect fluidity of things when you see and perceive them as separate, independent and not connected events? All three events comprise one that is known as the sport of Triathlon. Accept that and approach it as such. It requires a change in your perception not just a nod of your head.

Your triathlon skill will be determined by your ability to challenge and master your weakest link in the triathlon chain.

2. Triathlon is a skill based sporting activity.

It is widely accepted that the sport of Triathlon is all about endurance. But why is the focus on what is only a by-product? Endurance, just like the much talked about, and quite important VO2 consumption concept, will come to everyone whether they specifically work on developing it or not, because it is the by-product of your skill development. Just think about it. You will run, swim, bike, move longer with greater efficiency, if you know how. EVERYTHING ELSE comes after KNOW HOW.

The truth about VO2 is that it has a ceiling- it can only be developed so much and there is little return on concentrating solely on its development. By developing your skill and strength in a way that resists the breakdown of form you will be reaching your VO2 peak without it being a focus.

3. To be the best triathlete you can be – focus on learning the techniques of Triathlon.

21st century life provides regular instant gratification; unfortunately, the reality is that if you want to create something truly transformative- you have to work at it. People have become completely blindsided by their own forceful ambitions of becoming faster, better, bigger RIGHT NOW!

Let’s tweak something here and there, let’s drink some shakes and eat some gel, let’s find something to point our finger at. If you’re slow – it must be because you’re drinking less water, if you can’t handle the bike – of course it’s because the tires are too thin… Swimming too slow? You must’ve not shaved close enough… It’s an exaggeration of course, but it should clearly show you the ridiculousness of the situation.

Everything starts at learning how to do it, learning the technique. If one doesn’t know how to do something, how can they possibly do it well? Knowing how to do something with a correct technique allows you to keep on doing it longer with less pain and allows you to strive to get better at it. Without the technique, without developing one’s skill level of using that technique, the progress can only go so far.

While in swimming the technique is considered somewhat important and everybody works on their swimming technique, cycling technique is on a much lower level of consideration, and when it comes to running, until recently the idea of “learning how to run” was laughed at.

So here’s the approach of Tribal MSP, your key to success – use the Pose Method® and focus on learning the technique first, and there will be no limit to how far you can take your skill.

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Paul Roberts