Step 6- Populate With Individual Sessions

Populating your program with your individual session choice now becomes simpler. You have a clear idea of your starting variables- training time, frequency, mode and intensity targets.

Now you just have to flick back to the Performance Training section in Performance to get some ideas of sessions to make up your time targets in each zone.

Rules of individual session choice

  1. Continue to aim for rep ranges/ session times that align with your reality. Week by week we are never looking to progress anything by more than 5%. Start low/slow and simple and take baby steps monitoring your development along the way.
  2. Stick to the basic structures detailed above, the success of your triathlon is very much in the detail of and association to each session- that is- become process focused, have focal points, never start a session without knowing your outcome and make every task goal orientated.
  3. Remember that the training target times include warm ups, cool downs, active recovery and skill development- all are classed as time in the diesel intensity.
  4. Ensure you book end higher intensity sessions with time spent accumulating diesel intensity minutes. For example, having completed a 10 minute warm up and skill set, you may complete 3 x 2 minutes at Sports intensity, follow this with an easy diesel effort of 15 minutes before completing your skill work and cool down.