Step 3- Identify Training Frequency

Your training frequency is the quantity of sessions and the way with which you distribute your sessions throughout your week.

Rules of training frequency identification

  1. Your target is healthy, continuous, measurable improvement. Your choice to train is determined by your readiness to train measured by the Physical Condition and Recovery ratings and translation found in the Recovery section of Performance.
  2. Avoid the catabolic hole and oxidative stress by scheduling regular days and periods of recovery. Your heart and your adrenals are responsive organs- just because you can push them; doesn’t = improvement.
  3. Listen to your body’s tip offs. The structure of your week is a very individual balance. Personally, I always feel great and on top of things when training 2 days on to 1 day off.
  4. Frequencies of deload days and periods are determined by the level of the athlete and the intensity distribution of your week. A greater distribution of cruiser and sports intensity requires more deload days- also, the athlete level is not as you would guess- The more advanced and stronger the athlete, the more reps of Cruiser and Sports intensity work they can handle before form breakdown, therefore, the greater number of deload days are needed to recover muscle damage, heart tissue and adrenal balance.
  5. Multiple session days may well be used as you progress training time and frequency- all the above rules apply- always prioritise the more complex session first, in this order- strength, sports intervals, cruiser intervals and diesel sessions.


Deload Day Distribution Variable

Again, follow the feedback your body gives you. Your week may be a mixture of these options. You could even work with a cycle greater than a week if that suits your schedule and recovery.

1 on, 1 off 1 on, 2 off

2 on, 1 off 2 on, 2 off

3 on, 1 off 3 on, 2 off

4 on, 1 off 4 on, 2 off


Deload Period Distribution Variable

There will come a time when your body needs more time. The traditional model is to work 2/3 weeks on and 1 week deload. I would prefer you to determine your own personal capacity ensuring that you learn and stop before your body becomes catabolic and hormones stop working in your favour.

You may rotate 2 on, 1 off 4 times and then feel the need for a 3-day deload period, it may different, there is only one thing for sure- its personal, find out your capacity- it will be in the region of 2 to 4 weeks before you need to take a step back to go forwards.