Stability Dailies

1. Daily Stability – Feet

2. Daily Stability – Glutes

3. Daily Stability – Hips

The Clam
. The ‘Holy Grail’ for hip stability and the development of glute med. When executed perfectly it will engage the glute med perfectly- here are some common compensations-

1. Rotating and leaning backwards to recruit compensators.
2. Everting (collapsing the arch) the foot to use the lower lateral chain.
3. Side bending the head to use the upper lateral chain.
4. Holding the breath to increase intra-abdominal pressure (IAP).
5. Going too fast and not controlling eccentrics.
6. Too much resistance.
7. Pushing hands into the ground.
8. Flexing or extending the toes, especially the big one.
9. Lateral flexion in the QL (hip hiking) to recruit a pattern synergist.
10. Hard tension in the arms.
11. Not enough mobility in the hip and ankle prior to doing the clam. How can ya clam if the joint won’t move? Joint locks, instantly braking the nervous system.

Strive for efficiency and flow with patterning, timing and activation drills. If you have to recruit, compensate, cheat from other areas to accomplish this objective you are missing the benefit.

4. Daily Stability – ‘The Bunkie’ Core and Lower Back

4.1- Daily Stability – 4 Point Stabilisation

4.2- Daily Stability – Kneeling Bend

4.3- Daily Stability – The Founder

5. Daily Stability – Shoulder Blade

5.1- Daily Stability- Shoulder Blade Exercise 2- YW’s

5.2- Daily Stability- Shoulder Blade Exercise 3- Shoulder External Rotations