Physical Wellbeing- Processed Meat

Had a few thoughts when I saw this article about the dangers of eating processed meat.

1. When following a Paleo approach to nutrition, the quality of your food should be a priority. Organic, pasture raised, grass-fed meat is the preference.

2. What normally accompanies the following, sausage, bacon or ham?? A lot of the time it’ll be some kind of beige, refined carbohydrate. Regularly I read about high fat products to find that actually, there is as much, if not more refined carbohydrate as there is fat. Think of the processed buffet table, sausage roll, pork pie, bacon sandwich and scotch eggs.

3. I love bacon 🙁 buy your organic, outdoor reared bacon from the butchers and skip the cheap supermarket option. Eggs, bacon and a side salad has to be the healthiest, greatest breakfast known to man.

4. Its a common misconception that the Paleo approach promoted by Tribal is all meat, zero carb. The reality is that we promote a nutrient dense, alkaline friendly intake of 8-12 portions of fruit and vegetables each day as our carbohydrate intake.

5. Deli meats are ideally an occasional option within Paleo rather than a day in, day out snack or meal. Again, prioritise quality over cheaper cuts.

In Summary: avoid the buffet table and on the occasion when you eat sausage, bacon or deli meats make the health of the animal your priority.

Good Luck



Paul Roberts