Make a Decision

Guest blog from Paul Seuke, Tribal Athlete, Business Owner and Soon to be Dad.


Today I received an email from Paul Seuke, I wanted to share as its important to understand the most important thing that makes your training, your lifestyle and your triathlon performance rock. It’s making a decision that your not going to accept anything other than outstanding for yourself.

Following a digestive illness 2 years ago, Paul reached what we call emotional threshold, a precise point when he decided that he no longer did half measures, he made a decision to live with passion and strive for his best self.

This point almost always precedes success and as soon as you make a real positive decision, the excuses, boundaries and barriers, whilst still there, become way easier to overcome.

Everybody has a choice to make.

Here is the email-

Hi All

For years I would always find excuses with my training, health and food . Long day at work , don’t feel like training today and I will do it tomorrow. Over the last few months it makes me see that you can go on forever making them.

Since November my wife and I have been having building work at our house, at times no heating, no running water, no kitchen and in better terms we have been camping at home!! As well as working full time and a wife who’s now nearly 8 months pregnant I have still managed to train for the London marathon with 3 runs, 1 bike , 1 swim and a coached Pose Method skills and strength session with Paul from Tribal.

Things that have helped …

1. Preparing food – breakfast & lunch.
2. Doing my 10 minute mobility and stability dailies ( we all have 10 minutes!!).
3. Early to bed , early to rise . I train at 6:30am during the week and I’m at work for 8am.
4. Having a helpful wife. 
5. Plenty of water.
6 . Getting guidance from Tribal.


7. Following a Paleo lifestyle. 

Being prepared and thinking ahead is so important.

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Paul Roberts