Carbohydrate Needs

The average carbohydrate intake within the standard UK diet and the modern western diet commonly falls between 50-70% of total calories, for example, an average sized, moderately active male who needs approximately 2500kcals total per day, this is 1250-1750kcals, or, 315-435g of carbohydrates a day. For a moderately active female eating 2000kcals a day total, it’s approximately 250-350g (1000-1400kcals). This very high carbohydrate intake, minimal activity and the prevalence of convenient and modern refined carbohydrate sources are a large part of the metabolic distortions that have become the acceptable standard within modern society.

The Tribal recommendation of basal carbohydrate requirements are calculated using the table below and are determined by your health and your goal. At Tribal we adjust carbohydrate intake to accommodate activity and exercise replenishment and then react to tip off’s to always refine and enhance our intake, basically, you earn your carbohydrates, without strenuous exercise, carbohydrate intake should remain low or moderate. The only caveat is if you are pregnant, breast-feeding or hoping to gain weight.

You’ll have both rest day and training day requirements for carbohydrate.


Carbohydrate Requirement for a Rest Day:

My Rest Day C Requirement = ________g. Multiply by 4 to get calories= __________kcals.

Carbohydrate Requirement for Training Day’s:

This is simple- when you complete strenuous exercise you accelerate your use of carbohydrates for energy. It is essential that you replenish the depleted carbohydrate reserves in the body. For each hour of exercise add 60-80g (Females) or 70-90g (Males) of carbohydrates to your day. Over time you’ll learn exactly how much you need for what.

My 30 Min C Requirement = ________g. Multiply by 4 to get calories= __________kcals.

My 60 Min C Requirement = ________g. Multiply by 4 to get calories= __________kcals.

My 90 Min C Requirement = ________g. Multiply by 4 to get calories= __________kcals.

The Tribal Paleo nutritional approach means that the sources of carbohydrates that you choose to help you replenish glycogen may change radically. Use the download below and the Safe Starches video below to help you make great decisions about the most digestible forms of carbohydrate.

Download: Guide To Paleo Carbs [pdf]

Have you heard of ketogenics?? Its a process of carbohydrate restriction that sees the body change the way that you provide energy for your brain and up regulates your fat utilisation. It’s an awesome therapeutic intervention for those with blood sugar regulation issues. Does it support endurance performance?? Only if it is adapted to allow for the extreme training loads experienced, with adaption the likelihood is that you may just end up back at a well formulated Paleo approach for performance.

At Tribal, we advocate a cyclic revisiting to ketogenics, like the seasons and food availability changes through the year, so does our body. Winter time/Off Season would be a great time to pursue and learn about ketogenics- you may just find that your next season brings a huge step up in performance.


Safe Starches