It usually snows during the winter, especially in regions where freezing temperatures are common. Cold rain is also common during the winter. The resultant ground frost means that little to no ground vegetables are harvested here.

  • Reduced carbohydrate intake: <80g of carbohydrate a day
  • Meat and green from the few plants that are available
  • Lean Proteins.
  • Practice fasting- Females- 1000-2000 Feeding Window, Males- 1200-2000 Feeding Window.
  • Stress- Levels are low during winter with increased sleep and less chance of confrontation.
  • Movement- Moving slowly in pursuit of food, rare intense efforts.
  • Sleep- approx. 9-12hours
  • Tips- get to bed earlier- graduate earlier to bed times by 15 minutes a day, turn off the TV after 2000, sleep as much as possible without getting fired or divorced, always get up as close as possible to dawn.