Summer is the season that follows spring and is the sunniest time of the year. Temperatures can reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher during the summer months. In some regions, it rains a lot during the summer; in others, it is hot and extremely dry.

Nutritional, Lifestyle & Training Considerations:

  • Females have been primed for child rearing from the high fat winter and lush spring.
  • Males are ready to cut loose, chase mates, fight for the right to procreate.
  • Both sexes are ready to rise early and stay up late.
  • Insulin levels are elevated by the stress and the available foods.
  • Occasional fruits- Berries
  • Occasional Roots
  • Sleep- approx. 8 hours
  • Movement- Greater, potentially more intense and sustained movement.
  • Stress- Higher cortisol/adrenaline with the potential for more confrontation.