“Accept Success” – Interview With Steve Bull


Everything is Created Twice

Occasionally it dawns on you that you to appear to have been making some really basic mistakes. I have been holding onto a few self-limiting beliefs, mainly regarding performance ceilings in my olympic lifting and running.

In these two disciplines I have had some breakthrough performances in recent months. Along the way I have learnt a massive lesson. My lesson has been that to raise your performance bar, you must first perceive and then believe in your capacity to change.

Preceding these performance hikes it was clear that I had expected the progress. Without doubt, when I toed the start line or the barbell I was going to hit my target.

I believe the trigger for this acceptance of success was seeing my friends and colleagues around me really raising their standards of performance. It created an environment amongst our social network that doesn’t compare only encourages what’s really possible. Over the coming years I hope that our private members page on Facebook can really start to share this great energy.

I guess the adaptation that allowed me to lift heavier and run faster was both psychological and physiological. When you know your going to do something, you act physically with more certainty and this can minimise tension created by stress and negative thoughts, the outcome being great movement and form.

Personally, I am sitting here now thinking; how many other areas of my life do I need to apply this acceptance to? It’s uncomfortable, but success will only be achieved when you truly accept that it’s coming first.

In this blog post, Steve Bull, author of The Game Plan and Team GB sports psychologist at two Olympic Games sheds some light on how you can begin to move past self-limiting beliefs that inevitably occur from time-to-time.

Paul Roberts