About Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts – Founder, Tribal Multi-Sports Performance

Paul competing with Tribal athlete Mark Ansley-Watson

Enthusiastic and passionate about performance, fitness and health, Paul created the Tribal MSP program as a way to share his knowledge and allow athletes heightened perception and intuition guide them to great success.

Paul graduated from the University of Surrey in 2002 with a Bachelor’s degree in the Science and Management of Exercise and Health. From here, he began his career as a personal trainer and coach.

Initially, despite complying strictly with guidelines for movement and nutrition issued by government bodies responsible for health, Paul grew frustrated that, while clients became fitter, they were not necessarily healthier. Something crucial was missing.

Believing that to enjoy optimum health and great performance we must take full responsibility for ourselves, Paul saw his challenges as opportunities to grow. Now, after years of study, he has concluded that our current modern environment is alien to us.

A glance at the health of our planet indicates the convenience of the modern world does not produce high performing, healthy athletes. So, inspired by our tall, lean, strong and healthy primal ancestors, Paul has created a simple approach to performance enhancement inspired by our ancestors and with personal responsibility and perception of reality at it’s core.


The result is Tribal MSP Online, your coach and guidance, your support and your team that help you maximise your potential as an endurance athlete.

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